Increase your sales

By using Akatua to accept payments, you are introduced to a wider audience and therefore stand a high chance of increasing your sales by a large margin. You will start making real online sales, as your buyers will now have a better way to pay you.

Easy and quick setup

You can quickly and easily start accepting payments without having to wait several days for approval. Our account setup is as simple as filling and submiting the sign up form and receiving a confirmation instantly. There are no lengthy paperworks involved.

No chargebacks

Akatua completely eliminates the risk of chargebacks, since transactions are carried out without credit cards. You can now have your piece of mind and concentrate on other aspects of your business and not bother about chargebacks.

Cheapest solution

Akatua offers the cheapest way to accept online payments. All transactions are carried out in the local currency, thereby eliminating the high cost of foreign exchange. We offer low transaction fees, free account setup, and there are no monthly charges. View our fee structure

Easy integration

We provide a simple checkout interface that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our platform into your shopping cart system. It also comes with a comprehensive guide to help you with integration. Pre-developed extensions are also available for popular shopping cart systems to ensure easy integration.

Instant payment confirmation

It usually takes hours (and in some cases days) to confirm bank payments, but Akatua does this in real time. When you get paid with Akatua, payment is confirmed instantly so that you can process your order as soon as possible. We also send payment details securely to your store's backend upon request.

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