Send and receive money instantly

Send money to friends and family anywhere in Ghana in just a click. You can send money from your Akatua account to anyone in Ghana who has an email address. Receive money instantly from anyone who has an Akatua account.

Shop safely online

Make safe and secure payments for goods and services online without exposing your financial details to any third-parties. You can shop online at any website where Akatua is accepted, and your order will be processed in a matter of seconds.

More payment options

Select from several payment options when you have to make payment, or fund your account. You'll always find a payment option that works for you; and we are always working to add more convenient payment options. View available payment options

Low or no fees

You'll either pay the lowest fees, or you'll pay no fees at all, depending on which payment option you choose. All payments are made and processed in the local currency, thereby eliminating the high cost of foreign exchange. View our fee structure

Quick and easy payments

Spend less time shopping online and enjoy a super user-friendly system that offers the best user experience. Quickly complete payments after just a few clicks, without any delays whatsoever.

Instant payment confirmation

Akatua provides the quickest way to verify and confirm payments. When you pay with Akatua, your payment is confirmed instantly so that the merchant can process your order as soon as possible.

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