Accept donations online

Raise more funds by accepting donations online. Easily add Akatua donation buttons to your website and increase your donations significantly. You'll be able to receive donations from various sources by offering your donors a better way of making payments to you.

Easy and quick setup

You can quickly and easily start accepting donations without having to wait several days for approval. Our account setup is as simple as filling and submiting the sign up form and receiving a confirmation instantly. There are no lengthy paperworks involved.

Enjoy low fees

Akatua offers the cheapest way to accept online payments. All transactions are carried out in the local currency, thereby eliminating the high cost of foreign exchange. We offer low transaction fees, free account setup, and there are no monthly charges. View our fee structure

Easy integration

We provide a simple interface that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our platform into your website. It also comes with a comprehensive guide to help you with integration. You can easily create donation buttons and add them to your website and start receiving donations right away.

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